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Pool Water Testing Services

Public Pool Water Testing Services


As a public swimming pool owner in the State of Michigan, you are required to have your pool water tested under the Public Health Code Act 368 of 1978, R 325.2195. Although many local health departments (LHD) have offered this service in the past, you are not required to have them perform the sample collection and testing of your facility. In fact, this option may no longer be available to you, as many local health departments are eliminating services.

Sampling Requirement

R 325.2195 Collection and analyses of water samples for coliform bacteria. Rule 95. (1) The owner of a public swimming pool shall be responsible for the collection and the examination of water samples for coliform bacteria at a frequency of a least once per quarter. The department or local health department may determine whether additional monitoring is needed if necessary to protect the public health. (2) A swimming pool owner or operator shall ensure that all water samples are analyzed for total coliform bacteria at the state laboratory or a laboratory certified by the department or by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to analyze drinking water. (3) The presence of total coliform bacteria or pathogenic organisms in the water sample is unacceptable water quality. A heterotrophic plate count of more than 200 bacteria per milliliter in a sample is unacceptable water quality. History: 1954 ACS 67, Eff. Mar 24, 1971; 1979 AC; 1979 ACS 15, Eff. July 21, 1983; 2001 MR 2, Eff. Feb. 6, 2001.

Sample Frequency and Testing Requirement

State rules specify a testing frequency of quarterly but your local health department (LHD) may require testing to be conducted more frequently. Most LHDs require testing monthly or 2x/Month.

Reporting Requirements

Test results need to be reported to your LHD in a timely manner via fax or email. They often require: the date the sample was taken; the pool pH, Cl or Br concentration; total coliform test result; and heterotrophic plate count test result.


Services Provided by Paragon

Paragon can provide you with either a Complete Sampling Program or LHD Acceptable Test Results for samples submitted to our laboratory. Choose an option that fits your needs:

LHD Acceptable Test Results Only - Collect your own samples, deliver them or ship them to our laboratory, and we'll provide you with test results as requested, including:

Complete Sampling Program - Simply provide access to your facility and we'll do the rest, including:

To determine your sampling and testing costs, use the guide to the right, or click on the link below to submit your information so we may contact you to discuss your needs and options.

Sampling Costs

Sampling costs depend on the program you've selected, the number of pools you need to sample, and how far your facility is from our laboratory.

Step 1 - Determine if you will be collecting the samples and taking field measurements yourself (if so, proceed to Step 5) or if you'll be requiring our assistance with those activities (if so, continue with Step 2).

Step 2 - Determine how far your facility is from our laboratory. Click on Directions in the map below to determine distance.

Step 3 - Determine your Trip Charge using the following values:

Step 4 - Estimate your Field Labor fee using the following values:

As a rule of thumb, sample collection and field measurements for one (1) sample location typically take 15 minutes. This is, however, dependent on your facility layout. Paragon bills for Field Labor in 15 minute increments.

Step 5 - Determine your analysis fees using the following values: