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Terms and Conditions

  1. All prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD).
  2. Paragon Laboratories, Inc. business hours are Monday through Friday, 07:00 EST through 18:00 EST, excluding holidays and other posted days off.
  3. All work orders are completed COD unless Credit Terms are established with the acceptable completion of a Credit Application. Continued provision of Credit is subject to acceptable performance under the Credit Terms Agreement.
  4. Paragon Laboratories, Inc. accepts payments by Cash (exact amount required), Company Check, Personal Check with ID, and Corporate or Personal Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard American Express) with ID.
  5. All prices listed are for a Standard Turn-Around-Time (TAT) service level. Standard TAT service level is 5 business days from the day and time of receipt of the sample(s) by Paragon Laboratories, Inc. staff. Expedited TATs may be available for additional fees (see items 6 and 7).
  6. Expedited TAT service levels are not available for all tests - some tests have technical limitations which do not allow for particular Expedited TAT service levels. Call the laboratory to discuss specific Expedited TAT requests.
  7. Expedited TATs are available on the following surcharge schedule: 3 Business Days @ 1.5 x Standard Fee(s); 2 Business Days @ 1.75 x Standard Fee(s); 1 Business Day @ 2 x Standard Fee(s); 8 Hours (reported by 16:00 EST if received by 07:00 EST) @ 4 x Standard Fee(s); and 4 Hours (reported by 16:00 EST if received by 11:30 EST) @ 5 x Standard Fee(s).
  8. All prices listed for analysis with default Hold Times (HT) shorter than the Standard TAT service level or other requested TAT service level are listed with the applicable fees and respective surcharges will not be applied to these requests. In situations where the remaining HT is shorter than the Standard TAT service level as a result of a delay between sampling and receipt by Paragon Laboratories, Inc. staff, respective surcharges will be applied to the requests according to the schedule in item 7.
  9. All work orders submitted must meet a $75.00 Invoicing Minimum at Standard TAT service level. If the charges for the individual requests on a work order do not exceed $75.00, a Minimum Job Charge Adjustment fee will be applied in an amount equal to the difference to raise the total invoice amount to $75.00.
  10. The $75.00 Invoicing Minimum is subject to the same Expedited TAT surcharge schedule listed in item 7.
  11. All work orders processed include one Final Report event for the work order when all of the individual requests on the work order have been completed. Client requested Preliminary Report events are available for additional fees (see item 12).
  12. Incremental reporting events requested by the client, issued as a Preliminary Report and known as Preliminary Report events, will be billed at $25.00 per event.
  13. Final Reports can only be issued to one named organization. Reporting to parties other than the named organization is available for additional fees (see item 14).
  14. Additional Final Reports may be sent to parties other than the named organization and will be billed to the named organization at $25.00 per additional Final Report issued. Additional Final Reports will list the named organization only.
  15. Paragon Laboratories, Inc. retains the right to issue Preliminary Reports for work orders at its discretion. All data provided in a Preliminary Report, if provided within the service level requested, may be billed at the fees and surcharges of the requested service level. Data not provided in a Preliminary Report and outside of the service level requested, may be billed at the fees and surcharges associated with the service level delivered.
  16. All prices listed for Field Labor and Travel fees are based on the services being performed on a business day within a Monday through Friday and 07:00 EST through 16:00 EST window. All Labor and Travel services performed outside of these day/time windows are subject to additional fees and surcharges (see items 17 through 19).
  17. All prices listed for Field Labor are based on services being performed anytime on the agreed upon business day. For requests requiring Paragon Laboratories, Inc. staff to perform field services at a specific time on an agreed upon business day, an additional $50.00 Dedicated Sampling Time fee will be assessed.
  18. Off-Hours Field Labor Fees are billed @ 2 x Standard Fee.
  19. Off-Hours Travel Fees are billed at $100.00 / Trip for destinations within 25 miles of the laboratory and $200.00 / Trip for destinations within 50 miles of the laboratory. For distances greater than 50 miles from the laboratory, call for pricing.
  20. Equipment Rental Fees are billed on a per calendar day basis. Equipment Rental Fees are not pro-rated for partial calendar days of use.
  21. Client reserves the right to cancel (terminate) testing and reporting at any point prior to the issuance of a Final Report for samples and tests, in part or in full. Cancellation requests must be provided in writing. Client will be invoiced in full for any testing or services completed prior to the cancellation of the originally requested testing. Client will be invoiced proportionally for any testing or services in process prior to the cancellation of the originally requested testing.
  22. It is incumbent upon the client to know the scope, capabilities, limitations, sampling/storage requirements, and interferences of any test or service request. Paragon will make reasonable efforts to provide the client with technical information upon which to select appropriate tests and services.
  23. Paragon reserves the right to Invalidate any test result which does not pass quality review and invoice the client accordingly for the completed laboratory processes and services performed prior to such determinations.
  24. Paragon Laboratories, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service under any circumstance, including but not limited to: concern about hazard of sample(s); concern about intended use of report(s); and concern about the integrity or completeness of work order or sample information; concern about legal implications of report usage.


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