Petroleum Testing Services

Finished Ethanol Fuel Blends According to ASTM D5798-21

Paragon is capable of performing all of the analysis related to the testing of ethanol fuel blends according to ASTM D5798-21 Table 1 requirements.

Procedures included on our A2LA Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 are designated as such.


ASTM D5798-21 Table 1 Requirements for Ethanol Fuel Blends, Approved October 1, 2021

Service Method Reference Min. Sample Vol. Price ISO 17025
Vapor Pressure ASTM D5191 1000 mL $71.00
Ethanol Content (Requires ASTM D4052 and ASTM E203) ASTM D5501 10 mL $321.00
Water Content ASTM E203 50 mL $78.00
Methanol Content (included with Ethanol Content) ASTM D5501 --- ---
Sulfur (Requires ASTM D4052) ASTM D5453 10 mL $101.00
Acidity as Acetic Acid ASTM D7795 B 150 mL $78.00
Solvent-Washed Gum Content ASTM D381 50 mL $116.00
Unwashed Gum Content (Included with Solvent-Washed Gum Content) ASTM D381 --- ---
PHe (≥70 Volume % EtOH) ASTM D6423 100 mL $116.00
Inorganic Chloride (Requires ASTM D4052) ASTM D7328 50 mL $101.00
Copper ASTM D1688 Modified 50 mL $98.00
Density ASTM D4052 5 mL $48.00
Total   1475 mL $1,128.00